Good Ones Steal


Posted in Out by Ann-Louise on 31/07/2010

This is my destination tomorrow. My parents house in Sweden. I’m staying there for a little while – and there’s no internet so you won’t be hearing from me before I get home again..

I’m looking forward to see the place again and the nature (but not so much the snakes – yeiks!)




Posted in Fashion by Ann-Louise on 30/07/2010

I already told that I went shopping with my mom again. In a shop called Bedtime (in Fiolstræde) I found these. Both the top and the pants are from the brand called Prinsesse Tam Tam and made in silk. I got both items for 158 DKR.

I think the top will be perfect paired with skinny jeans and nice shoes!

(oh and by the way, I don’t really know if elephants are the best animal to put on your ass – but I’ll give it a try…)


The copycat!

Posted in DIY, Graphics by Ann-Louise on 29/07/2010

this is just a sketch – im going to paint it in 100x150cm.  sorry Cathrine Raben Davidsen, but I can’t afford to buy the real painting…


I’m back

Posted in Food, Out by Ann-Louise on 29/07/2010

… but only for a couple of days. Then I’ll go to Sweden for a while. Today I had a great day with my mom. We had a wonderful veggie brunch at Paludan in Fiolstræde and after that we obviously went shopping! (I’m gonna show you what I bought later..)

Yesterday we spent with my brother, his wife and their little boy. He is already so strong! He is only one and a half week old but he can lift his head and look to both sides! (he is not supposed to be able to do that untill he is a month old…) And of course I’m so proud of him 🙂


Todays snack!

Posted in DIY, Together by Ann-Louise on 29/07/2010

I really miss Dyveke! – she’s still at her parents house (it’s practically an other country, because it’s an island they live on)

Usually we go to Baresso together, to get our Chai tea, but today I made my own. + a healthy little snack.

I also did this little envelope for my cousins birthday card.


Anyone want to addopt me?

Posted in Uncategorized by Ann-Louise on 28/07/2010

Im an adorable horse.

My name is Claus Werner, and I need a place to stay for the summer. (preferably somewhere warm and sunny and near the ocean)

All you have to do is, feed me M&M’s all day long, turn on the TV and give me attention whenever I want it!

interested? – I make a mean apple pie too!


This is me!

Posted in Fashion by Ann-Louise on 28/07/2010

It’s really hard work selling stuff online!

Trying too, made me realize how many stupid questions people ask… I know i have to answer politely, but I really want to write something like; –

“NO bitch! – you can’t fucking buy my silver bracelet for 20 kr. incl. the delivery!” – what the hell does that leave me with?! (Minus 20kr. THAT’S WHAT!)


I seriously need to sit on my hands, so that I don’t type something condescending or down right evil!


right now

Posted in Out by Ann-Louise on 27/07/2010

Right now I’m at my parents place just outside Svendborg, where I grew up. Yesterday we celebrated my younger brothers birthday. Today I’ve been relaxing as you can see on the pictures.


Cleaned my closet!

Posted in DIY, Fashion by Ann-Louise on 27/07/2010

Those of you who know me, knows that this usually mean lots of free clothes – but not this time!

The things I took out, are all luxury things, and they are for sale (very cheap) at the danish site!!!

(just seach for Ann-louisesalomon, and you’ll find my stuff.)

lots and LOTS of COS clothes for sale!

I also put one of my paintings for sale


Become a victim of my pen!

Posted in Graphics by Ann-Louise on 26/07/2010

I once did this illustration of my friend Mia. It turned out  really great, so I was thinking that I would do some more – but now I’ve run out of people I want to draw…

… So if you would like to be a victim of my pen – please send me a photo to my mail

who ever i draw, can have a copy of the drawing, but ill reserve the right to publish and use the drawing as I se fit.