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I’m home

Posted in Out by Ann-Louise on 27/08/2010

I’m home from Paris and busy preparing for parties this weekend. Tomorrow we’re going to a wedding (which off course made me spend a lot of hours looking for a dress in any color but black or white! I finally found a purple one..). Sunday Mr. A is throwing a birthday party and we spend the last two days preparing for that (he had some crazy idea about 4 different homemade ice cream covered in chocolate and put on an almond cake… anyway it’s probably gonna be delicious!) So right now I am relaxing and trying to be mentally ready for the next two days with a lot of people and not so much sleep.

I hope you’ll all have a fantastic weekend and I’ll soon show you some stuff I bought in Paris!



In a good mood?

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-Can school please start again!

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Im the type of person who plans everything.

-like for instance my wardrobe…

…and the content of my schoolbag…

this year I bought a book to write all my Ai , Ps and ID notes in. I’m really going to pursue new knowledge when it comes to the programs, so I need to have a better system for my notes! — not like last year.

…My notes are in here somewhere..!

This is what it’s going to look like from now on.

Truth is that I’m perfectly aware of the fact, that my notes will be total chaos after just one month – I lack the ability to create order in ideas, notes and stuff i pick up from the sidewalk or whatever.

I Seriously miss my crazy classmates.


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Online Magazine

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If you like photography mixed with graphics then have a look at this magazine!


On the go.

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Im blogging from my boyfriends phone, it’s freaking amazing!

Speaking of amazing i’m going to Paris really soon now.. Au revoir!
– Dyveke