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Well.. (warning: dead bird and mummified dog in this post!)

Posted in Out, Secrets by Ann-Louise on 06/08/2010

..I did get an awful lot of Sweden in just 3½ day. First of all I enjoyed the nature wich is always lovely (no matter how the weather is, it is some beautiful forests surrounding the house). I also went to a big outlet store where I found a present I’ll give away soon, and off course I have also bought something for my self.

The more dramatic things were my first road kill. Since I was younger and attended classes for my driver’s licence I have feared the day this would happen. But I wasn’t driving the car, anyway I was still front row. We hit the biggest common buzzard I have ever seen – really – it was like a small eagle. The wing span of a common buzzard is normally between 110-135 cm! (that is quite a large bird when it hits the window) It hit the window right in front of my surprised face (what a last vision huh..) and all I could see was feathers all over. I convinced my mother that we should go looking for it to see if it was hurt a lot and we found it sitting in the side of the road – not moving, and probably waiting to die but unfortunately there wasn’t much we could do to help it. And I can still see it for me – sitting there waiting to die – poor bird!

Well unfortunately that was only the first death of my trip. My parents bought a house about two years ago. Along with the house is some other buildings including a barn. My dad and I cleaned the floor in one half of the barn because he has to make a new floor there. The floor right now is really bad, like big rocks, some wood planks, dirt and straws all over and some places there are holes half a meter deep. Well the previous renters of the house just threw out their garbage in the barn so we had to move all the garbage. Beer cans, plastic cups, plastic bags with stuff in it a whole lot of stuff. But between all this garbage, under 15 cm og straws and dirt was a mummified dog! I mean; who the hell throws out their dead dog like the rest of the garbage?! The dog might have been laying there for a decade – is it just me or is that kinda crazy??

I’m sorry for making this a quite long post – it all ended with me getting food poisoning the last night and having to travel 4 hours by train with fever and diarrhea – I can tell you that is not funny! But still it was a great trip to Sweden and I’m looking forward to go there again..

The room where I slept – I really like that room!



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  1. goodonessteal said, on 06/08/2010 at 9:45 pm

    Shiiit… Tell me more!
    That is just such a fucked up story 😀

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