Good Ones Steal

I really admire this crazy Irishman.

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Owl’s are in…

I still need flies…!
Or else there will be none under the Christmas tree…!

btw I like Christmas…
my friend just wrote this on facebook – that really got me in the spirit ( I know it’s early)
— sorry if you don’t understand danish.


there! first 3 done!

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We’ll be standing in line! That’s for sure!

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one down two more to go.

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I still have a long way to go before my lingerie is done.


But I now have a model!

I still need a photographer and a cool place to shot the photos!

I’m kinda rooting for my friend Ingibjörg, who is a fashion photographer!

and I hope to find some  abandoned building somewhere, to make the set in!

It’s going to be fantastic!




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Hello kit.. kid…kidney (?)


Mmmmarc jacobs outlet…

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Latest project.

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I have the chance to borrow my school’s textile-printer the 4th of nov. Therefore I’m concocting some wonderful bras and briefs – in SILK!

This is what I’ve got so far.

I borrowed this lace from Google – but I’m planning on drawing my own – this is just a draft.

A moodboard.


but this makes me happy – they’re so cute!

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