Good Ones Steal

My Boyfriend works in the game industry.

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He shoved me a demo of this tiny game.
Normally I’m not impressed by the visuals in games, but I’m psyched about this one!
The scenery is really beautiful and scary. – It reminds me of the dark forest I use to go through everyday, when I went to school as a child – I swear THAT forest had a tiny troll population just like the one in this game too.

I’ts simply stunning and sensitive.
…And I’m a fan! – when and if the game is released I’ll buy it!



FEIST Trailer from JWarclimb on Vimeo.



Zarah Voigt sale!

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Monday I went by Zarah Voigt  – just to have a look… Well the stuff was so cheap that I bought two pieces. The normal price was about 900-1000,- I bought them both for 120,- each!

The dog reminds me a bit of my parents dog who died last year – it’s a totally different race, but it’s white and Fluffy, just like Nanoq was.


Beauty and the beast – Drew Barrymore

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Photos by Annie Liebovitz, styling by Grace Coddington.


little bit of LykkeLi

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Black Swan

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Monday was a perfect first day of my vacation. After a two-hour walk with my little baby-nephew (who is the most well-behaved fellow I have met!) my bf and I saw Aronofsky’s new movie “Black Swan”. The movie is really, really beautiful! A bit creepy and disgusting but very beautiful. The framing is so perfect, that you could take almost every picture and print it to hang on your wall! I really admire Aronofsky’s visual talent!

And Natalie Portman does it very well in this one – I can’t wait to see if she gets an Oscar for this one…

I also love these retro posters for the movie. I think they’re so cool. Actually my bf and I are talking about buying one if we can find it.


bangs or no bangs?

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This is what my hair looks like now – but I’m seriously considering getting bangs… Maybe I’ll do it on saturday, but I’m not completely sure yet. So here is som inspiration pictures of how it might be. Please vote if you’re pro or against it!
















I’m buying this book! I like Rikke Bakman’s naive drawings, and admire her perseverance.

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Telling a story like this is quite funny!

I found the book here



Kristin Stewart by Mario Testino

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I think this look is great for Kristin. A little less dark and sad teenager and a bit more lively and grown up. Well, I like it a lot!

Photos by Mario Testino.



new sweater

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Wednesday I bought this H&M sweater.. It reminds me a little bit of the sweater from Stine Goya – I know it’s definitely not the same; but that goes for the prize as well.. I mean 100,- vs. 2200,-  hmmm…

By the way; yesterday I went to the most important exam this semester (the project-exam) – and I got the absolute highest possible grade! So I’m really happy, and now I got 2 weeks “christmas vacation” – nice!

So yesterday my bf and I celebrated with sushi, champagne and citizen Kane – I hope you all are having a great weekend!