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Cate in Givenchy

Posted in Fashion by Ann-Louise on 28/02/2011

This is probably my absolute favorite look from the Oscars this year. I love the color combination, the beading and it just suits her well. A very good choice from Givenchy! I might post more pictures later – but right now I have to go to lectures at uni (and sleep when I get home again!!)




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The most fantastic paintings ever!

I really wanted the exhibition poster, but it was sold out… :S


Frøken mærkværdig og karrieren

Posted in Graphics, video by Ann-Louise on 24/02/2011

(sorry, this post is probably only interesting if you live in DK)
I have read the graphic novel “frøken mærkværdig og karrieren” and she really got some points in that one. Now it’s made as a short film. Until the 2/3 it is shown at posthusteateret at 17.00.



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I keep shopping – even though I feel I have the perfect wardrobe. – I suppose it has something to do with my job at DAY…
Anyone know about a good place, to sell your clothes – apart from Trendsales? I don’t think I can take another question about whether or not the size is a medium or if it’s more like a small…!

Today I made two rings and a necklace – had a little to much coffee this morning, and that kind of made me excessively creative – hmm

Oh! -and Dyveke you can look forward to this ;P

Have a great day everyone.


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Posted in Art, Design by Ann-Louise on 20/02/2011

bad karma

Posted in Secrets by Ann-Louise on 18/02/2011

I’m felling kind of unlucky these days. I have a cold and since I managed to lock my self out Wednesday, and had to wait five hours in the hallway without phone, food or anything, my cold hasn’t become any better.. And btw I didn’t get dinner until 22.00! They’re still working on the roof and putting new windows everywhere in the building – so it’s kind of freezing in there. And yesterday I peeled off some of the skin on my finger – by accident of course (it still hurts). But worst of all – I have absolutely NO ebay karma..!

But it’s friday and my bf promised to make hot chocolate for me when I get home from uni. And I’m really looking forward to the weekend (though I might just hide inside the whole weekend..). Have a nice one!


Klimt reproduction

Posted in Art by Ann-Louise on 18/02/2011

I really like these Gustav Klimt reproduction pictures – especially the first one is brilliant (but I have always loved the original).


Upper body. DONE! – hate drawing hair!

Posted in Graphics by Ann-Louise on 14/02/2011

The bottom picture is what I started out with, and based the outline on. – And it’s also what I really look like ;P


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