Good Ones Steal

Posted in New stuff, Secrets by Ann-Louise on 08/02/2011

Last week I went by Oxideret to use some money I had on gift cards (Downtown had an offer before christmas, I bought one my self and it turned out that I got one for christmas from my brother and his wife – brilliant!). That’s why I had a lot of money to spend in the shop. I got the things you can see in the picture above – i know there’s a lot in just one picture and I promise to show some of the stuff up close..

What I didn’t know is that Downtown is taking 33% of the prize you’re paying for the offer – this offer from Oxideret was a gift card of 500,- for half the prize, 250,- That means that Camilla, the owner of the shop gets 250,- and then has to pay 33% to Downtown. So it is actually very expensive to be a part of a downtown offer – and the only thing you get as a shop is the publicity – but still – you shouldn’t underestimate publicity! I was just a bit surprised that downtown gets so many money out of it… Anyway, it’s definitely a great offer for the costumers.

Talking about Oxideret, I think that Camilla is doing a great job selecting the items for the shop. And the prices are quite reasonable. A lot of the items are basics in white, grey and black colors, very classic but often with an edgy twist. And Camilla is definitly a young woman who knows good service! Some of you might already know the shop, but if you don’t, I would recommend you to take a look at the online shop here.



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