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Stella Nova outlet: cardigan

Posted in Fashion, Secrets by Ann-Louise on 29/03/2011

Yesterday I found this cardigan at the Stella Nova outlet. I like it a lot! The outlet is open again today – untill 18.00, so hurry up!




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Simply brilliant!


how to draw an owl

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The best day EVER!

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I Looooove my boyfriend!

today was my birthday, and he took the day of to pamper me for hours!

breakfast served, eating sunshine and apples in the windowsill, soda and lunch on Nyhavn and a technical present (as usual).  And lots and lots of relaxation!

I had a wonderful day.


Happy Birthday Ann!

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I hope you’re having a great day! Lots of love… xoxo


nighttime, DAYTIME! nighttime, DAYTIME!

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first tryout with new toy

Posted in DIY by Ann-Louise on 23/03/2011


So, this is my first tryout with my new favorite toy. I have to practise a lot more. I have never tried using Adobe Illustrator before so I still have a lot to learn about the programme. But this is a drawing of my little nephew – he’s so cute irl.


Mod det uendelige!… La Glace..

Posted in Food, Out by Ann-Louise on 22/03/2011


Yesterday I went to La Glace with a friend of mine. We bought some nice cake for us (and also a piece for my bf of course) and went to my place to eat it with a cup of hot tea. The cakes at La Glace is kind of expensive and also very heavy so it’s really a luxury treatment to buy it once or twice a year. And I love it!



It’s a really lame video, -but just close your eyes and listen. Spring is here soon despite todays snow!

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if dead birds is what you want…

Posted in Art by Ann-Louise on 17/03/2011

..well dead bird is what you get! But no how-to guide on mummifying a bird. That is still too weird!

> Dyveke