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who are you guys?!

Posted in Secrets by Ann-Louise on 03/03/2011

Some of you might remember a post I made to apologize to those who end up on this blog in the search for porn.. Well, I think it’s kind of funny to see what you’re searching for when you find our blog – it shows what kind of interests some of you have.

Well you look for a lot of different things so this is just af very small list of it:

mattias kolstrupwell this is what most of you are looking for, he is apparently quite popular!

mattias kolstrup emaillike I said, he IS quite popular!

mattias kolstrup addresseswell, VERY popular! I hope you’re not thinking about stalking him, really he’s just a kid…

suckerforvampirehmmm… twilight-fever or what??

alexander skarsgård hotI don’t really know what you expect by adding “hot” to the search? different pictures? homemade porn videos? I just don’t get it… (isn’t he hot enough already?!)

it’s going to be okwell this just makes me curious.. what is going to be ok??? Do you need something to be ok? are you in trouble?!

ласточка – I have no idea!

александр скарсгард фото – really, I have absolutely no idea!

what is i dont know in Danish – well that one is easy.. I don’t know = jeg ved ikke. Anything else? Are you russian??

drew barrymore fuck – again, home-made porn videos???

danish band you know who – no I don’t, do you have a name?? Is it duné again???!

how to mummify a bird – really?! eeeeww…

how to mummify a dead bird – is it the same person looking, or are there more creepy people out there?! again: EEWWW!

how do i mummify a dead bird – come on!!

This is not to offend any of you (well except maybe the one/ones who are looking for a guide to mummify a bird – that IS just creepy!) I just find it interesting to se what weird path on the internet you’re going when you end up here..



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  1. […] ..well dead bird is what you get! But no how-to guide on mummifying a bird. That is still too weird! […]

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