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speaking of the royal wedding…

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the royal wedding

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I know it’s old news already, but did you see the royal wedding in London? I didn’t really see it because I was busy painting our apartment, but I did see some recap from it.

Kate was quite beautiful in that dress, even though it was a little bit boring – I kind of expected more from Sarah Burton’s hand.


I could really use…

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Some extra hands tomorrow!

Were moving to the new apartment tomorrow, but unfortunately our friends doesn’t have time to help us.. Right now I can’t really see how were gonna be able to move all our stuff alone – but of course were gonna make it! It might take quite a long time though..

So I guess I won’t have time to write on my school project, and even less time to do fun or relaxing stuff (I kinda hate weekends, when they’re all to busy).


best burgers in town // Haché

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This is definitely not the best picture; sorry. But it really is the best burger I have ever had! I LOVE the Portobello mushroom burger with goat cheese – it is just perfect! The picture is from last sunday. We were so tired after working in the apartment the whole weekend so we decided to order some food. I was even too tired to eat it in the restaurant (which is a nice place by the way). I think I have to try their desert some day, but after eating the burger I’m full, so I don’t know if it will ever happen. They have one desert which is a fried Mars chocolate bar with vanilla ice cream. I think it sounds pretty weird, but I have heard a couple of people who have tried it – they all say it tastes surprisingly good.

Haché is located in Rømersgade 20, close to nørreport station. And is my favorite take out place when I’m not in the mood for sushi!

mmmmh I wish I had one now….


Lykke Li // Vega

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Friday Ann and I went to ‘store vega’ to see Lykke Li live. It was the first time for me and I didn’t know the music very well, so I didn’t have any idea about what to expect.I was a bit surprised about how visual her show was, but I liked it – it kind of created a whole universe where both the sound and the visual played very well together. Lykke Li was kind of odd at some times, she looked really disappointed when people didn’t sing as much as she expected – and I couldn’t figure out whether she really was disappointed or it was a part of the show. And the sound was quite loud, but I guess you have that problem with almost every concert.. All in all I think it was a very interesting concert and I’m happy I went.

pictures from and


sneak peek: the new apartment

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Here’s a little sneak peek from our new amazing apartment. We have been painting all week, because everything needs two layers of paint. We are both very satisfied with the colors  and look forward to see the final result. We still need to paint the livingroom and the hallway and then we have to lacquer all the floors. Even though it’s a hard job to do everything yourself it’s also really satisfying – both because of the money, the fact that you can make and change decisions as you go along but also you can see how it really changes the room and the way the colors changes from wet to dry.

And I’m gonna live with a boy!