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best burgers in town // Haché

Posted in Food, Secrets by Ann-Louise on 07/05/2011

This is definitely not the best picture; sorry. But it really is the best burger I have ever had! I LOVE the Portobello mushroom burger with goat cheese – it is just perfect! The picture is from last sunday. We were so tired after working in the apartment the whole weekend so we decided to order some food. I was even too tired to eat it in the restaurant (which is a nice place by the way). I think I have to try their desert some day, but after eating the burger I’m full, so I don’t know if it will ever happen. They have one desert which is a fried Mars chocolate bar with vanilla ice cream. I think it sounds pretty weird, but I have heard a couple of people who have tried it – they all say it tastes surprisingly good.

Haché is located in Rømersgade 20, close to nørreport station. And is my favorite take out place when I’m not in the mood for sushi!

mmmmh I wish I had one now….



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