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Louboutin lookbook fall 2011

Posted in Fashion by Ann-Louise on 21/06/2011

Lookbook by: Peter Lippmann. Source: Fashion gone rouge.



All curled up

Posted in Secrets by Ann-Louise on 17/06/2011

I wen’t to the hospital today, to have some lady poke my growing belly with and ultrasound camera.

All i can say is that the father will now have to get a license to carry fire-arms ;P  – hmm and the name Bønne suddenly seems kind of masculine for a little girl?

we haven’t thought of any names yet, but if you have any ideas, tell me 😉


details and borrowed jewellery

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I love, love, love the tights from Sneaky Fox! The bracelet is borrowed and from Day Birger et Mikkelsen, I’m thinking about making a bracelet inspired from this. With a lot of pearls! The ring is also borrowed and homemade – it is so cool, but a bit heavy..


the food // Rudolf Mathis

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The food was delicious! And beautiful, actually so beautiful that I totally forgot to take a picture before I started eating (as you can see on the second picture…).

It’s lobster, fish, more fish and then 3 small pieces of desert – all with rhubarb.


Grandma’s birthday

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Dress: Designers Remix, Shoes: Ganni, Tights: Sneaky Fox, Jewellery: borrowed.

Last saturday we went to my grandmothers birthday. This is what I wore. The painting in the background is one of my granddad’s.


by juliapot

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another fine lady

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Way to go, Adele!

> Dyveke

some damn fine ladies

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Real women on the cover of Vogue Italia = so cool! (and smokin’)


It’s been a while.

Posted in Design, Graphics, projects by Ann-Louise on 06/06/2011

I’m working on my last exam. and that means that, in about 2 weeks, I’m what you could call a designer… – After a long summer vacation, I’m hopefully off to school again (studying e-concept at KEA)

anyway this is a sneak peak of what I’m doing for my final exam. -tell me what you think?





cute avocado tattoo

Posted in Secrets by Ann-Louise on 03/06/2011

I think this is a cute couples-tattoo. When I was younger I thought the idea of a couple-tattoo was weird. But lately the idea has been much more appealing to me. I wouldn’t choose this type, but I still think it’s cool!