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Posted in Uncategorized by Ann-Louise on 16/07/2011

Fuck I hate myself right now!

I remember having a conversation with Dyveke, where I told her that I wouldn’t become ONE OF THOSE MOTHERS who have nothing else in their lives, than baby stuff. I seriously got a huge chocker the other day, when I realized that I had been talking about my growing belly all day, with a very tired looking friend – sorry!

but – I’m really sorry to say this- I can’t fight it anymore! This motherhood thing snug up on me, and I didn’t even notice it in time…

so from here on I might not blog about anything else, than my belly, what I want to buy for my little girl (and fuck! you can really buy a lot of cute stuff for girls!!!) and how wonderful it feels to have a tiny person moving in my stomach.



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  1. Randi Olsen said, on 16/07/2011 at 11:12 am

    Ann!!!! hvor fedt!! 🙂 og nej… man skal aldrig blive en af de der, men hold kæft altså….. når man bare glæder sig så meget over en så fantastisk ting, så er det sgu svært at holde kæft 😉 Vi er tilbage i dk om 3 uger, og jeg vil gerne lægge øre til din babysnak 😉


    • goodonessteal said, on 21/07/2011 at 6:37 pm

      Det lyder dejligt Randi 🙂
      så kan jeg også få hilst på ham lille manden 😛

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