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hvis du leder efter en sær gave

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se her


It’s been a while.

Posted in Design, Graphics, projects by Ann-Louise on 06/06/2011

I’m working on my last exam. and that means that, in about 2 weeks, I’m what you could call a designer… – After a long summer vacation, I’m hopefully off to school again (studying e-concept at KEA)

anyway this is a sneak peak of what I’m doing for my final exam. -tell me what you think?





piano stairs

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> Dyveke

masaya kushino crazy shoes

Posted in Art, Design, Fashion by Ann-Louise on 10/03/2011

Picture senn on Shoes from Masaya Kushino. I love them!


Givenchy prefall and fall RTW 2011

Posted in Design, Fashion by Ann-Louise on 10/03/2011

This is my two favorite looks from Givenchy fall ready-to-wear 2011. The whole collection is kind of experimenting in shapes and textures. Tight vs. oversize – leather vs. velvet vs. silk = heavy material vs. light and see-through. These two looks are the ones I could see implemented in my wardrobe.

These two prefall looks are even more appealing to me. I think the colors and layered shapes are beautiful – but I have always been a “Fall-girl”. And I would love to take a closer look on those boots!


McQueen prefall

Posted in Art, Design, Fashion by Ann-Louise on 05/03/2011

I think it was a great loss for the fashion world when Alexander McQueen died – I still think it is! So it makes me happy to see that the brand has not died out. When I look at these pictures I feel like there is still potential in the brand – I’m excited to see how it develops from here.



















Posted in Design, DIY, Fashion by Ann-Louise on 24/02/2011

I keep shopping – even though I feel I have the perfect wardrobe. – I suppose it has something to do with my job at DAY…
Anyone know about a good place, to sell your clothes – apart from Trendsales? I don’t think I can take another question about whether or not the size is a medium or if it’s more like a small…!

Today I made two rings and a necklace – had a little to much coffee this morning, and that kind of made me excessively creative – hmm

Oh! -and Dyveke you can look forward to this ;P

Have a great day everyone.

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