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Fynsk fødselsdag

Posted in Food, Out by Ann-Louise on 05/08/2011

I sidste uge var vi på fyn for at fejre min lillebrors fødselsdag. Min kære lillebror er allerede blevet 18 og må nu lovligt få serveret alkohol på en bar! Det er lidt vildt.. Jeg husker tydeligt den dag han blev født. Jeg havde en t-shirt med hjemmelavet kartoffeltryk på og var en smule fornærmet over først at blive vækket da fødselen var overstået og han var ren og nydelig at se på..

Billederne er af de kager min mor selv havde lavet til hans “kaffemik”. Der var enormt meget kage og de smagte dejligt! Især den nederste med fragilité bunde og jordbær.

Last week we went to my younger brothers birthday. I can’t believe he is already 18. In Denmark it means that he can get a driver’s licence, wote for elections and buy alcohol in bars. – and I still remember the day he was born! My mom made the cakes in the pictures and they were lovely!



the food // Rudolf Mathis

Posted in Food, Out by Ann-Louise on 16/06/2011


The food was delicious! And beautiful, actually so beautiful that I totally forgot to take a picture before I started eating (as you can see on the second picture…).

It’s lobster, fish, more fish and then 3 small pieces of desert – all with rhubarb.


best burgers in town // Haché

Posted in Food, Secrets by Ann-Louise on 07/05/2011

This is definitely not the best picture; sorry. But it really is the best burger I have ever had! I LOVE the Portobello mushroom burger with goat cheese – it is just perfect! The picture is from last sunday. We were so tired after working in the apartment the whole weekend so we decided to order some food. I was even too tired to eat it in the restaurant (which is a nice place by the way). I think I have to try their desert some day, but after eating the burger I’m full, so I don’t know if it will ever happen. They have one desert which is a fried Mars chocolate bar with vanilla ice cream. I think it sounds pretty weird, but I have heard a couple of people who have tried it – they all say it tastes surprisingly good.

Haché is located in Rømersgade 20, close to nørreport station. And is my favorite take out place when I’m not in the mood for sushi!

mmmmh I wish I had one now….


Mod det uendelige!… La Glace..

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Yesterday I went to La Glace with a friend of mine. We bought some nice cake for us (and also a piece for my bf of course) and went to my place to eat it with a cup of hot tea. The cakes at La Glace is kind of expensive and also very heavy so it’s really a luxury treatment to buy it once or twice a year. And I love it!



I (heart) Risotto

Posted in Food by Ann-Louise on 04/02/2011

Risotto with mushrooms, peas, white wine (but of course) and yes, a lot of cheese on the top! I ❤ risotto!


small pigeons

Posted in Food by Ann-Louise on 22/09/2010

Monday was my birthday and my boyfriend had been planning the day for a long time wich of course he had kept a secret. But he made me the most fantastic dinner and especially the dessert was amazing. He invented it by him self, for me, and called it small pigeons (my name means little pigeon…) and it was beautiful.

he used marzipan, macaroon, white chocolate parfait ice cream, rhubarb, white chocolate cream and dark chocolate on the top.

we were so full that we had to drink a lot of water and just lay down afterwards!



Posted in Food by Ann-Louise on 19/09/2010

Here is some picture spam of some of the food I have been cooking the last week. Feel free to ask any questions!


Falafel (not homemade..)

Sandwich with “Prima Donna” cheese



“fake” Blinis


Pasta with pesto (not homemade pasta though..)


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Posted in Food, Out by Ann-Louise on 09/08/2010

I just locked myself out of my apatment!!! I have nothing on me, and a can’t remember my boyfriends mobile number!!!

…In times of need I can always count on my local sushi supplier <3.

-I’m using their internet now, – found the number for my boyfriend -… and got free sushi, because they felt bad for me 🙂
all good things comes to those who are… insanely clumsy :S


I’m back

Posted in Food, Out by Ann-Louise on 29/07/2010

… but only for a couple of days. Then I’ll go to Sweden for a while. Today I had a great day with my mom. We had a wonderful veggie brunch at Paludan in Fiolstræde and after that we obviously went shopping! (I’m gonna show you what I bought later..)

Yesterday we spent with my brother, his wife and their little boy. He is already so strong! He is only one and a half week old but he can lift his head and look to both sides! (he is not supposed to be able to do that untill he is a month old…) And of course I’m so proud of him 🙂