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It’s been a while.

Posted in Design, Graphics, projects by Ann-Louise on 06/06/2011

I’m working on my last exam. and that means that, in about 2 weeks, I’m what you could call a designer… – After a long summer vacation, I’m hopefully off to school again (studying e-concept at KEA)

anyway this is a sneak peak of what I’m doing for my final exam. -tell me what you think?






Dream about me (Moby)

Posted in Graphics, Videos by Ann-Louise on 08/04/2011

I love this video, the cat is so cute! And the graphics is really cool.


I can’t wait until june!

Posted in Graphics, Videos by Ann-Louise on 03/04/2011

My sweet boyfriend invited me to Paris in june , and I just can’t wait!




Annelie Carlström Illustration

Posted in Graphics by Ann-Louise on 12/03/2011

I know I’ve blogged about her before but I really love her Illustrations – And I wish I could buy a T-shirt with her dog on!


Benny Box’en

Posted in Art, Graphics by Ann-Louise on 08/03/2011

Who want’s to miss it!


Posted in Art, Graphics by Ann-Louise on 01/03/2011

Frøken mærkværdig og karrieren

Posted in Graphics, video by Ann-Louise on 24/02/2011

(sorry, this post is probably only interesting if you live in DK)
I have read the graphic novel “frøken mærkværdig og karrieren” and she really got some points in that one. Now it’s made as a short film. Until the 2/3 it is shown at posthusteateret at 17.00.


Upper body. DONE! – hate drawing hair!

Posted in Graphics by Ann-Louise on 14/02/2011

The bottom picture is what I started out with, and based the outline on. – And it’s also what I really look like ;P


what should I wear and what color should my hair be?

Posted in Graphics by Ann-Louise on 13/02/2011


Pin-up project.

Posted in Graphics, projects, Together by Ann-Louise on 11/02/2011

I’m sick and tired of lay-outing ugly catalogs!

-Dyveke – remember we talked about doing a pin-up project? – well I need some sexy pictures of you  ASAP


please send me some!


I kind of started sketching me… – but I don’t like doing selfportraits.

-anyway here is the work in progress – you guys might as well know what I kinda look like..