Good Ones Steal

good ones steal – nu også med en søster

Posted in New stuff by Ann-Louise on 23/08/2011

Nu da Ann har startet en anden blog har jeg gjort det samme. Klik over på hvis du er nysgerrig. (der er jo altså ikke så meget endnu, men domænet skulle gerne virke fra i dag…)



hvis du leder efter en sær gave

Posted in Design, New stuff by Ann-Louise on 12/08/2011

se her

badedragt // Margit brandt

Posted in New stuff by Ann-Louise on 02/08/2011

Jeg har endelig fået købt mig en ny badedragt. Min gamle var… gammel. Rettere sagt 6 år gammel. Så jeg har faktisk ledt efter en ny i et par år. Men jeg er kræsen. Både med snit, farve og pris. Denne her fra Margit Brandt lever dog op til mine krav. Så jeg er glad, meget glad.

Fundet i Magasin på tilbud til 349,-

I finally found a new swimsuit. My old one was 6 years old, but I havent found a replacement until now. I’m very picky with how it looks and the price. This one I found on sale the other day and I’m very satisfied!


sneak peek: the new apartment

Posted in DIY, New stuff, projects by Ann-Louise on 01/05/2011

Here’s a little sneak peek from our new amazing apartment. We have been painting all week, because everything needs two layers of paint. We are both very satisfied with the colors  and look forward to see the final result. We still need to paint the livingroom and the hallway and then we have to lacquer all the floors. Even though it’s a hard job to do everything yourself it’s also really satisfying – both because of the money, the fact that you can make and change decisions as you go along but also you can see how it really changes the room and the way the colors changes from wet to dry.

And I’m gonna live with a boy!


a question of: peace

Posted in New stuff, Out by Ann-Louise on 25/04/2011

Some weeks before we went to Crete I bought this t-shirt from A Question Of. It’s called a question of peace and I’m quite exited about the print. I got it just before our holiday and thought it was the perfect time to inaugurate the new t-shirt. In the pictures I’m wearing it at Knossos.


more designers remix // t-shirts

Posted in Fashion, New stuff by Ann-Louise on 11/04/2011

My mom asked me to look for a t-shirt for her at the designers remix outlet. This is what I found. The white t-shirt is quite big, but I hope she can use it any way. The grey one is pretty cool with the asymetric fit, so if she won’t have it, I’ll keep it myself 😉


New bags

Posted in Fashion, New stuff by Ann-Louise on 10/04/2011

Well, I have been looking for a bag for ages – and I actually found one that I would like to have, but it costs 2200 DKK and I’m just a student… So I have also been looking for some that is cheaper. I need one I can wear cross-body, but would like to be able to wear it over the arm as well – two functions in one bag! And then I need it to be bigger than a clutch-size (I have quite a large wallet..)

The first one is a brown  suede bag from Ganni, which I bought together with the two pairs of shoes I have already showed. As I already told I got both the shoes and the bag for 500 DKK – which is SO cheap (I believe the value  on the retail prize to be no less than 6000 DKK)

The next bag, from the brand Dansk, I bought the day before the Ganni bag. The normal retail prize for it is about 1800 DKK (I think) I found it for 200, but then it was also a bit broken. But only a missing rivet. So I brought it to the local shoemaker who fixed it in one minute – it cost me 10 DKK so that’s a totally fair prize and now I can use the bag..

I still want the expensive drem-bag, but these are a much cheaper alternative, so they will have to do for a while.


perfect shoes

Posted in Fashion, New stuff, Secrets by Ann-Louise on 08/04/2011

I went to the Ganni outlet today ( I guess it’s a good thing that I’m not paying any rent this month…) – on the way there I had my fingers crossed that I could find these green shoes, hopefully at a prize around 500 DKK. Even better I found both the green ones, the purple ones AND a bag for 500 DKK!! So cheap!

I have been dreaming about the green shoes for several months now, so I’m so excited that I actually found them in my size..

The outlet in general was kind of small, and all the clothes was in size small, but I was lucky I was there when they opened. I kind of just ran in and grabbed the shoes and went out again. I don’t know how many shoes there’s left but the outlet is open again tomorrow.

From 10.00 until 14.00. The address is: Frederiksholms Kanal 4, Baghuset, 1220 Kbh K. Good luck!




Designers Remix outlet

Posted in Fashion, New stuff, Secrets by Ann-Louise on 07/04/2011

Yesterday I went to the Designers Remix outlet. This is what I bought. A T-shirt and a blazer for the prize of what the T-shirt costs in stores. Right now I kind of have an obsession with white T-shirts with black print – so the T-shirt is just perfect. The blazer is in two materials in front and I really like the mix between casual and formal, both in the choise of materials and shape. I’m wearing it today and I already love it!

I’m sorry it’s not the best pictures but I don’t really care to edit them right now, I just got home from a lecture about video observation.

The outlet is open again today until 19.00 so hurry up! The address is: St. Kannikestræde 19, 2. sal, 1169 Kbh K.


the jewellery

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This is the jewellery I bought at Oxideret. You can find the necklace here for 350 DKK. Unfortunately for everyone else, I bought the last ring from Maria Black so you will just have to wait for the next collection – sorry..