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Når man skal passe meget på pengene, men stadig godt kan lide lækkert design, så må man jo lave det selv!



dukken er langt fra færdig, men det tog ikke ret lang tid at lave kroppen og hovedet. nu mangler jeg garn og kan ikke rigtig komme videre med den, før jeg får købt noget.

jeg sad også og klatmalede lidt den anden dag – det er hvad det blev til. jeg har set uglen et eller andet sted på nettet – og den har så hjemsøgt min hjerne siden! – forbandet være min fotografiske hukommelse!


Og nej jeg har ikke rigtig andet at tage mig til, end at sidde og nørde med noegt i sofa’en hele tiden. Sådan er det når man har fået bækkenløsning, fik jeg at vide at min jordemoder. (heldigt at man er kreativ, ellers kunne jeg kun spille Playstation, se TV eller læse bøger. Ingen af delene ville tilfredsstille “primitiv-hjenen” alias BABYbrain! Det er jeg helt sikker på!)

-nu vil jeg hygge videre med min nutellamad og hæklomani.




details and borrowed jewellery

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I love, love, love the tights from Sneaky Fox! The bracelet is borrowed and from Day Birger et Mikkelsen, I’m thinking about making a bracelet inspired from this. With a lot of pearls! The ring is also borrowed and homemade – it is so cool, but a bit heavy..


It’s been a while.

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I’m working on my last exam. and that means that, in about 2 weeks, I’m what you could call a designer… – After a long summer vacation, I’m hopefully off to school again (studying e-concept at KEA)

anyway this is a sneak peak of what I’m doing for my final exam. -tell me what you think?





I could really use…

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Some extra hands tomorrow!

Were moving to the new apartment tomorrow, but unfortunately our friends doesn’t have time to help us.. Right now I can’t really see how were gonna be able to move all our stuff alone – but of course were gonna make it! It might take quite a long time though..

So I guess I won’t have time to write on my school project, and even less time to do fun or relaxing stuff (I kinda hate weekends, when they’re all to busy).


sneak peek: the new apartment

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Here’s a little sneak peek from our new amazing apartment. We have been painting all week, because everything needs two layers of paint. We are both very satisfied with the colors  and look forward to see the final result. We still need to paint the livingroom and the hallway and then we have to lacquer all the floors. Even though it’s a hard job to do everything yourself it’s also really satisfying – both because of the money, the fact that you can make and change decisions as you go along but also you can see how it really changes the room and the way the colors changes from wet to dry.

And I’m gonna live with a boy!


Pin-up project.

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I’m sick and tired of lay-outing ugly catalogs!

-Dyveke – remember we talked about doing a pin-up project? – well I need some sexy pictures of you  ASAP


please send me some!


I kind of started sketching me… – but I don’t like doing selfportraits.

-anyway here is the work in progress – you guys might as well know what I kinda look like..


New Years’ Resolutions

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I have a few new years resolutions this year. 2011 is gonna be the year where I;

– Go to bed way too late
– sleep way too long
– will only read for a few selected lectures
– will drink a lot of mojitos, white russians, hot shots, champagne and red wine
– spend way too much time thinking of travelling
– have a lot of fun moments with my bf
– go to as many exhibitions as possible

(I don’t have any pictures of this new year – well this picture isn’t even from a new year, but I’m drinking champagne so this is what you get…)



feelin’ good

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We printed this today – tomorrow we’re gonna hand it in – and afterwards I’m going to the airport! All of this makes me feel good.. 162 pages, and I don’t have to think about them for a week!

So this must be my personal soundtrack for the day:


I’m definitely trying to feel good even though there might not be much of christmas for me this year…


All I wan’t for Christmas

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I’m now a freelancer who is paid in Coffee! – And I <3 it

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LOVE this

My first real FREELANCE project. I’m psyched!