Good Ones Steal

we made this.

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Dyveke and I, had a hobby-day, where we worked on this babyplay – thingy.

Today we finished it 🙂



Toys and red sticks were donated by eager gran parents.




Lykke Li // Vega

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Friday Ann and I went to ‘store vega’ to see Lykke Li live. It was the first time for me and I didn’t know the music very well, so I didn’t have any idea about what to expect.I was a bit surprised about how visual her show was, but I liked it – it kind of created a whole universe where both the sound and the visual played very well together. Lykke Li was kind of odd at some times, she looked really disappointed when people didn’t sing as much as she expected – and I couldn’t figure out whether she really was disappointed or it was a part of the show. And the sound was quite loud, but I guess you have that problem with almost every concert.. All in all I think it was a very interesting concert and I’m happy I went.

pictures from and


Pin-up project.

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I’m sick and tired of lay-outing ugly catalogs!

-Dyveke – remember we talked about doing a pin-up project? – well I need some sexy pictures of you  ASAP


please send me some!


I kind of started sketching me… – but I don’t like doing selfportraits.

-anyway here is the work in progress – you guys might as well know what I kinda look like..


I bought these today!

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And thank you cutie-pie for a fantastic morning ❤


Todays snack!

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I really miss Dyveke! – she’s still at her parents house (it’s practically an other country, because it’s an island they live on)

Usually we go to Baresso together, to get our Chai tea, but today I made my own. + a healthy little snack.

I also did this little envelope for my cousins birthday card.


If you don’t know the danish band Dúné, your’e REALLY missing out!

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Dyveke and I went to se the Danish band Dúné perform live in TIVOLI today!

They rocked out completely! I was standing right in front of the stage – groping the lead singer! talk about eye candy!

the concert was phenomenal! it’s definitely on my top 3 list so far.


I know its lame, whit yet another musicvideo…

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… But one year ago I had a stess related depression- it was really bad!

I must say, that if I hadn’t had Dyveke, I don’t know how things would have turned out. ( I love you!)

This song is really what my life is like now 🙂

colorfull, fantastic and HAPPY!

I hope you will feel happy aswell after watching it.


Our song.

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Leslie Feist is  just gorgeous!



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This is our new blog!
Dyveke and I have been friends for 3 years, and want to explore the world together. This blog will show some of our findings and weird projects!