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badedragt // Margit brandt

Posted in New stuff by Ann-Louise on 02/08/2011

Jeg har endelig fået købt mig en ny badedragt. Min gamle var… gammel. Rettere sagt 6 år gammel. Så jeg har faktisk ledt efter en ny i et par år. Men jeg er kræsen. Både med snit, farve og pris. Denne her fra Margit Brandt lever dog op til mine krav. Så jeg er glad, meget glad.

Fundet i Magasin på tilbud til 349,-

I finally found a new swimsuit. My old one was 6 years old, but I havent found a replacement until now. I’m very picky with how it looks and the price. This one I found on sale the other day and I’m very satisfied!



jeg har trukket nitten

Posted in Out by Ann-Louise on 31/07/2011

Jeg har trukket nitten denne sommer og har således brugt det meste af min ferie på at være syg. Blærebetændelse, forkølelsessår, diaré, forkølelse, slimhoste, diaré igen – kort sagt; you name it – I probably got it!

Men lidt ferie er det da blevet til alligevel og heldigvis var jeg nogenlunde på toppen, da vi var i Sverige på besøg på mine forældres lille gård. Det var en hyggelig uge, med besøg på diverse loppis, blåbærplukning, roadtrip til Øland, gåture, puslespil og hækleri.

På grund af den nye lejlighed og alle udgifterne til køleskab, sofa og indskud til lejligheden er Sverige det længste det rækker til for mit vedkommende i år. Men det er ok. Jeg regner med at tage revanche når jeg er blevet lønslave engang. Og her drømmer jeg. Stort. USA, Machu Picchu, Kilimanjaro, Italien rundt og også gerne hvide sandstrande og tyrkis vand – den tid, den glæde. Lige nu glæder jeg mig bare over stadig at have en måneds ferie tilbage – håber den bliver uden mere sygdom!


I have been quite unlucky this summer. The most of my vacation I have been sick. But anyway I had a great week in Sweden (which is the only place we could afford to travel to because of all the things we have bought for the new apartment – but that’s ok – I hope I’ll be travelling a lot more when I’m done with my education and hopefully can get a job!)

I still have a month of vacation left and I hope it will be without any more sickness since I already had almost everything…


we made this.

Posted in BABYbrain, DIY, Together by Ann-Louise on 21/07/2011

Dyveke and I, had a hobby-day, where we worked on this babyplay – thingy.

Today we finished it 🙂



Toys and red sticks were donated by eager gran parents.



New in my closet

Posted in Fashion by Ann-Louise on 20/07/2011

I haven’t failed completely in shopping a bit for myself.




The pants don’t fit – but thats ok! they will in 3 months 😛



new stuff

Posted in BABYbrain by Ann-Louise on 20/07/2011

Emil and I spent a romantic week in Paris – I didn’t shop AT ALL! I spent my days eating cake, lunch with tuna and eggs and spent my evenings eating a large dinner finished of with desert 😛


But now that were settled back home. I started planning everything were going to have to invest in, now that the little girl will be invading our lives – I can’t wait!

yesterday Emil and i went to look at a secondhand pram. It wasn’t exactly what we were looking for, so the search goes on!


An ugly kittycat with a belly full of secrets, is waiting patiently in our sofa.






Posted in Uncategorized by Ann-Louise on 16/07/2011

Fuck I hate myself right now!

I remember having a conversation with Dyveke, where I told her that I wouldn’t become ONE OF THOSE MOTHERS who have nothing else in their lives, than baby stuff. I seriously got a huge chocker the other day, when I realized that I had been talking about my growing belly all day, with a very tired looking friend – sorry!

but – I’m really sorry to say this- I can’t fight it anymore! This motherhood thing snug up on me, and I didn’t even notice it in time…

so from here on I might not blog about anything else, than my belly, what I want to buy for my little girl (and fuck! you can really buy a lot of cute stuff for girls!!!) and how wonderful it feels to have a tiny person moving in my stomach.


Louboutin lookbook fall 2011

Posted in Fashion by Ann-Louise on 21/06/2011

Lookbook by: Peter Lippmann. Source: Fashion gone rouge.


All curled up

Posted in Secrets by Ann-Louise on 17/06/2011

I wen’t to the hospital today, to have some lady poke my growing belly with and ultrasound camera.

All i can say is that the father will now have to get a license to carry fire-arms ;P  – hmm and the name Bønne suddenly seems kind of masculine for a little girl?

we haven’t thought of any names yet, but if you have any ideas, tell me 😉


details and borrowed jewellery

Posted in Out, projects by Ann-Louise on 16/06/2011



I love, love, love the tights from Sneaky Fox! The bracelet is borrowed and from Day Birger et Mikkelsen, I’m thinking about making a bracelet inspired from this. With a lot of pearls! The ring is also borrowed and homemade – it is so cool, but a bit heavy..


the food // Rudolf Mathis

Posted in Food, Out by Ann-Louise on 16/06/2011


The food was delicious! And beautiful, actually so beautiful that I totally forgot to take a picture before I started eating (as you can see on the second picture…).

It’s lobster, fish, more fish and then 3 small pieces of desert – all with rhubarb.