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cravings and weddings

Posted in Out, Wishlist by Ann-Louise on 03/06/2011

Right now I’m really craving for a ring like this! It would be perfect for next weekend where I’m going to my grandmothers birthday. Unfortunately I don’t think it could arrive in time.. Does any of you know where I could find something similar in Copenhagen? – and I’m not interested in the plastic one from H&M – it is simply too fake!

Tomorrow I’m going to a wedding which will be a very special one. It is a pagan ceremony and the theme for the party is medieval/fantasy. My dress isn’t really perfect for the theme, but I  hope it will do.



a HOT cup of tea

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I would love to drink my tea from one of these cups. I think they’re quite adorable! The illustrations are cute, simple and naive and I think it fits well on the tea set. And I just love the idea of the girls swimming around in the tea – and the girl holding her breath under the water/tea – that’s just brilliant!

You can find the tea set here. The illustrator is Esther Hörchner.