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These crazy hormones!

Posted in Secrets by Ann-Louise on 29/04/2011

I cried when the danish royal twins were baptized, which is kind of silly because it’s a happy event – and now I’m crying my eyes out, in front of my TV, watching the Royal British wedding!

I think this pregnancy stuff is really getting to me – I’m hormonal surprise surprise.



stine goya x weekday

Posted in Fashion by Ann-Louise on 26/04/2011

My boyfriend thinks it all looks like pyjamas and nightgowns – I guess he just doesn’t get it 😉


Jægersborggade KBH N

Posted in Out by Ann-Louise on 26/04/2011

My new favorite place in CPh!
Check it out here


a question of: peace

Posted in New stuff, Out by Ann-Louise on 25/04/2011

Some weeks before we went to Crete I bought this t-shirt from A Question Of. It’s called a question of peace and I’m quite exited about the print. I got it just before our holiday and thought it was the perfect time to inaugurate the new t-shirt. In the pictures I’m wearing it at Knossos.



Posted in Out, Uncategorized by Ann-Louise on 24/04/2011

I came home from Crete yesterday. We had a fantastic vacation even though the weather was quite bad some of the days.

But now that I’m home its gonna be some busy weeks, actually a busy month that is… Starting today; my brother’s birthday party and then dinner with my boyfriend’s family.

I hope you’re having a great easter!


more designers remix // t-shirts

Posted in Fashion, New stuff by Ann-Louise on 11/04/2011

My mom asked me to look for a t-shirt for her at the designers remix outlet. This is what I found. The white t-shirt is quite big, but I hope she can use it any way. The grey one is pretty cool with the asymetric fit, so if she won’t have it, I’ll keep it myself 😉


Rick Owens SS11

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New bags

Posted in Fashion, New stuff by Ann-Louise on 10/04/2011

Well, I have been looking for a bag for ages – and I actually found one that I would like to have, but it costs 2200 DKK and I’m just a student… So I have also been looking for some that is cheaper. I need one I can wear cross-body, but would like to be able to wear it over the arm as well – two functions in one bag! And then I need it to be bigger than a clutch-size (I have quite a large wallet..)

The first one is a brown  suede bag from Ganni, which I bought together with the two pairs of shoes I have already showed. As I already told I got both the shoes and the bag for 500 DKK – which is SO cheap (I believe the value  on the retail prize to be no less than 6000 DKK)

The next bag, from the brand Dansk, I bought the day before the Ganni bag. The normal retail prize for it is about 1800 DKK (I think) I found it for 200, but then it was also a bit broken. But only a missing rivet. So I brought it to the local shoemaker who fixed it in one minute – it cost me 10 DKK so that’s a totally fair prize and now I can use the bag..

I still want the expensive drem-bag, but these are a much cheaper alternative, so they will have to do for a while.


Dream about me (Moby)

Posted in Graphics, Videos by Ann-Louise on 08/04/2011

I love this video, the cat is so cute! And the graphics is really cool.


perfect shoes

Posted in Fashion, New stuff, Secrets by Ann-Louise on 08/04/2011

I went to the Ganni outlet today ( I guess it’s a good thing that I’m not paying any rent this month…) – on the way there I had my fingers crossed that I could find these green shoes, hopefully at a prize around 500 DKK. Even better I found both the green ones, the purple ones AND a bag for 500 DKK!! So cheap!

I have been dreaming about the green shoes for several months now, so I’m so excited that I actually found them in my size..

The outlet in general was kind of small, and all the clothes was in size small, but I was lucky I was there when they opened. I kind of just ran in and grabbed the shoes and went out again. I don’t know how many shoes there’s left but the outlet is open again tomorrow.

From 10.00 until 14.00. The address is: Frederiksholms Kanal 4, Baghuset, 1220 Kbh K. Good luck!